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Kiwi food legends Julie Biuso and David Schofield to end nationwide tour

posted Oct 5, 2011, 12:40 AM by Chris Fortune   [ updated Oct 5, 2011, 12:40 AM ]

Auckland, October 4, 2011.

While New Zealand’s rugby players are massively celebrated, some equally important field stars are finally getting some of the much-deserved spotlight. Nationwide Farmers’ Market festival Out Standing in their Fields has been showing off our best artisan food producers and chefs over the last month to affirm our international reputation for excellent food and wine. Multi-award winning food writer Julie Biuso and Chef of the Year David Schofield will be giving Auckland a taste of genuine kiwi cooking for FREE with the region’s finest local seasonal ingredients at Parnell Farmers’ Market on Saturday 15th, and Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market Friday 23rd respectively, 10am-noon. For more info, check out

Both chefs embrace eating locally and seasonally. For Biuso, it’s the short supply chain that’s important: “it hasn’t had to travel so far (so it is also kinder on the planet) and generally isn’t stored for long periods. Think of asparagus, picked, packed, off to the market, sold and in the cooking pot within 1-2 days. Eating seasonally keeps us in touch with the planet, ensures we eat food at its best while it is full of nutrients. It’s generally cheaper, too.” Schofield reiterates: “I'm not only supporting the local producers but I'm also buying things at their peak for freshness and taste,” Schofield states. “I really love talking to and chatting with producers who care and love their craft and especially finding out from them a little history about their produce.” Schofield grew up in Wellington but has grown to appreciate Auckland’s food culture: “What I do love about Auckland is the fact that it's a melting pot of cultures and flavours. Seeing some great producers setting up in Auckland and producing artisan produce similar to what they would get from the home countries. Just look at the local mozzarella and olive oils.” Biuso also loves the whirlwind of international influences utilising our own fresh produce. She has her own vegetable garden like many kiwis and chickens, all in a busy

Farmers’ Markets NZ is steering the shows as part of the REAL New Zealand Festival, a series of quintessentially kiwi events to see and do around the country. Biuso notes what New Zealand has to cherish: “Freshness. Every visitor comments on it. As soon as you travel you can’t help but pine for fresh salads, fresh fruit, unadulterated food that tastes good. NZ is literally the land of milk and honey. I love our artisan producers and the pride they take in producing top-notch food.” Farmers’ Markets NZ Chairperson Chris Fortune agrees, adding that “supporting Farmers’ Markets means supporting local producers and communities, developing relationships between both producers and consumers.” To reward Farmers’ Market shoppers, each show will draw a “Market VIP”, who gets prioritised and special tastings.

Various businesses have jumped up to support real NZ food, including InterislanderTaste Magazine,FMG Insurance, and The Breeze
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