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Havelock Mussel Festival 2011

posted Mar 15, 2011, 2:24 AM by Chris Fortune
My favorite festival is about to happen  on March 19, 2011 the atmosphere is great, the food is exceptionally tasty and fresh and the  entertainment  is first class but the overriding number one reason that the Havelock mussel festival is my favorite in NZ  is the community spirit and fun that i have their every year.

NZ's first ever Master-chef winner, Brett McGregor  will be providing cooking demos this year in the live cooking theater sponsored by Regal Salmon where you will be treated to the taste of the freshest and tastiest mussels and Marlborough seafood.  Local school children from Havelock and Linkwater will also assist myself and showcase the future NZ Master- chefs to the festival goers as we slice, dices, steam and bubble and boil in the kitchen. 

The Havelock Mussel Festival Committee has invested into the local schools and we are currently running  a series of cooking demos called "What¹s on your Plate"  It is an inquiry into the influences on our food choices using the social format approach.  Our focus  is to look at what food choices are grown locally (and what is more local than Mussels !)  and what is available to  students and their families for consumption, as well as the impact that this has on them, their community and globally.  Mother nature and seasonality are mixed with some fun to then be baked into a interactive  and social kitchen experience.  Students from these cooking demos at Havelock and Link-water School will be attending the festival and participating in the cooking demos