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Regal Salmon

From the heat of Hell's Kitchen to the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sound, South Island chef Chris Fortune takes New Zealand food fans on a tour of one of the country's most renowned food producing regions.  Fortune explores the fascinating story behind the country's biggest salmon farm as well as many of the culinary delights of his own regional backyard.

New Zealand King Salmon's Te Pangu farm takes main stage in November on TV2 in the second series of NZ on a Plate.

Fortune finds that the fish in New Zealand King Salmon's farms are kept healthy, strong and vibrant by the extra strong currents and the plethora of nutrients in the highly-oxygenated seawater.  Farm manager Stuart Hawthorne tells Fortune how the company's operation is both natural and sustainable and how and why it is committed to a programme of preserving the beauty of this amazing corner of Aotearoa.

Because the fish are harvested in an innovative and stressless way, the company's Regal Salmon brand is ranked among the world's best for taste.  And of course, Regal salmon is a rich natural source of Omega 3's and of selenium - rich, life enhancing elements lacking in kiwi diets.