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Phoenix Garlic and Shallots

The Marlborough Garlic  and Shallots from the Phoenix team have the most flavor and aroma I have  ever come across in my cheffing career including many years cooking in Europe.  This is a testament to the quality and dedication that the Murphy and de Castro families have to providing the best quality product to both my kitchen,  and yours right round NZ.  It shows that with over 30 years industry experience and knowledge why they are still the number one supplier of these two iconic must have food ingredients.  Marlborough is proud not only to produce the best wine in the world but also the most flavorsome garlic and shallots, both will take the taste at you dinner table to a new dimension.    It is my pleasure to use  and recommend Phoenix Garlic and Shallots both in my busy restaurants and at my own  family dinner table."

Phoenix Garlic Limited was formed in 2006 by the Murphy and de Castro families, who have been involved packing, growing and marketing in the New Zealand Garlic industry for more than 30 years. Our aim was to build a family busine

ss that took the lessons from the past, along with new innovations and ideas, to take New Zealand garlic and sha

llot production forwa

rd into the future.

Why are we passionate about producing garlic and shallots? Because they are beautiful, healthy, tasty gourmet products and we grow them as well anyone in the world!

Phoenix Garlic’s key philosophy is to supply the domestic market consistently throughout the year with in-season premium New Zealand garlic and shallots. In the off season from September to January (when New Zealand garlic stocks have run out), the company satisfies consumer demand by supplementing their NZ crop with Californian garlic packed to our stringent specifications.

Our vision for Phoenix is a dynamic sustainable business producing quality product for the New Zealand market. Our mission is to be the best garlic and shallot producer in the world. What this means for us is:

  • making the best quality product available to the NZ market at a competitive price;
  • consistently supplying the market – we always have product on New Zealand shelves;
  • growing the healthiest product (specific and traceable methods of production);
  • using innovations to produce and pack product more efficiently;
  • being true market leaders – seeking new ways of looking at produce to give the consumer what they want;
  • being increasingly environmentally friendly through efficiency targets, and minimising electricity, water usage and chemical application;
  • valuing our staff and paying them fairly;
  • always doing things better – undertaking projects that strive to improve the way we do things.