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Achievements & Aspirations

My style is very team orientated, I believe every person plays a vital role to achieve the overall outcome o f any business plan.   Establishing community initiatives that offer opportunities for all members of the family to participate in and learn from which is beneficial to their personal growth, health and well being.

Recognising opportunities which meet the needs of the community and creating the concept into a business model that is sustainable and has longetivity. A mobile education kitchen for children as an extension to School and Community Edible Gardens.

A Cycle Challenge Trailer for children to learn and extend their cycling skills. Developing a Learning Edible Garden alongside the Marlborough Farmers’ Market as a extension of the School Edible Gardens, where the entire family may participate and practice at home.

Backyard Home Garden Mentoring Programme—supporting families to grow produce in the own back yards.
Ability to identify key individuals, instill passion and confidence, and build active teams to assist with implementing and maintaining a community project.

Reporting successful project outcomes to stakeholders. Remaining optimistic through six pregnancies, and finally delivering 2 gorgeous, healthy children. Being able to adapt continuously with family commitments to retain a balanced life. 
  • Able to achieve personal and business milestones alongside my husband as he develops his own career and we grow our family
  • Participate in life fully, be present and don’t just site back and exist
  • To support and nurture others to grow and develop
  • To keep learning and growing as a person and in business
  • To be the best mother I can be and offer my children a nourishing upbringing to establish life skills to enable them to achieve their goals
  • Remain open and receptive
  • To have families engage and listen to each other. 
  • “The Family Table - The family sharing a meal of locally grown and home garden produce prepared fresh, cooked in the home kitchen with family participation, on slow time”. For me, this encompasses the old ways of taking time, sharing, mentoring and recognizing parents, grandparents, being the best teachers of the next generation.
  • Develop a deeper understanding for my Maori heritage, the language, the culture and communication protocol.