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Strengths & Achievements

Leadership -  I am an empathetic, confident and decisive leader. Comfortable giving direction to groups and individuals and value team feedback. I view delegation as an essential element of leadership.  At all times, I maintain professional standards and resilient when the road is rocky. In solving problems, I consider the bigger picture balanced by the specific details arriving at amicable solutions.

Communication  -  I am comfortable being the central point of communication and information. I strive to communicate effectively in all aspects of my life and appreciate my ability to connect and associate in a diverse range of circumstances. I categorize  listening as a essential communication tool alongside asking questions for clarification and offering considered input in any given situation. I am a active participant in meetings always respective of meeting etiquette. I view building associations, networking and reciprocal relationships as vitally important for any organisation.

Management  -  I have proven experience covering the many components of management and pride myself on being organised, efficient and forward planner. I am at ease with responsibility and administration of directives. Being a optimistic person, I relish challenges and view difficulty as an opportunity to creatively problem solve. I thrive under pressure. My management style is very team orientated, I believe every person plays a vital role to achieve the overall outcome of any business plan

Establishing community initiatives that offer opportunities for all members of the family to participate in and learn from which is beneficial to their personal growth, health and well being. 

Recognising opportunities which meet the needs of the community and creating the concept into a business model that is sustainable and has longetivity.

A mobile education kitchen for children as an extension to School and Community Edible Gardens.

A Cycle Challenge Trailer for children to learn and extend their cycling skills.

Developing a Learning Edible Garden alongside the Marlborough Farmers’ Market as a extension of the School Edible

Gardens, where the entire family may participate and practice at home.

Backyard Home Garden Mentoring Programme—supporting families to grow produce in the own back yards.

Ability to identify key individuals, instill passion and confidence, and build active teams to assist with implementing and maintaining a community project.

Reporting successful project outcomes to stakeholders.

Remaining optimistic through six pregnancies, and finally delivering 2 gorgeous, healthy children.

Being able to adapt continuously with family commitments to retain a balanced life.

Able to achieve personal and business milestones alongside my husband as he develops his own career and we grow our family.