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I am an empathetic, confident and decisive leader. Comfortable giving direction to groups and individuals and value team feedback. I view delegation as an essential element of leadership.  At all times, I maintain professional standards and resilient when the road is rocky. In solving problems, I consider the bigger picture balanced by the specific details arriving at amicable solutions.


I am comfortable being the central point of communication and information. I strive to communicate effectively in all aspects of my life and appreciate my ability to connect and associate in a diverse range of circumstances. I categorize  listening as a essential communication tool alongside asking questions for clarification and offering considered input in any given situation. I am a active participant in meetings always respective of meeting etiquette. I view building associations, networking and reciprocal relationships as vitally important for any organisation.


I have proven experience covering the many components of management and pride myself on being organised, efficient and forward planner. I am at ease with responsibility and administration of directives. Being a optimistic person, I relish challenges and view difficulty as an opportunity to creatively problem solve. I thrive under pressure. My management style is very team orientated, I believe every person plays a vital role to achieve the overall outcome o f any business plan.